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We are a professional organisation of people with strong technical and specialist skills. To continue to attract and retain high quality, high performing people who enable us to achieve our purpose, we will invest in providing the right tools and workplace culture for our staff to support excellence in service and advice.

We will support our staff to be strategically focused, engage with risk and seek opportunities.

We will provide an environment that supports diversity, and broad collaboration and engagement, driven by curiosity and actively engaged with technology.

We will make sure our staff feel empowered and trusted to deliver their best, and are equipped with the right tools and a workplace that complements their skills and experience. We will support our staff with the infrastructure they need.

We will implement the recommendations of our capability review to ensure we have a strong and well equipped workforce able to meet the challenges in our environment today and into the future.

A robust governance framework, a workforce plan and a digital strategy that prepare us for the future will also support our workforce to be high performing.

Performance measure

Area of focus


Targets for 2019–20

Be an employer of choice in a competitive marketplace

Workforce and environment

Develop plans and strategies to address our workforce challenges and opportunities, and support more flexible ways of working  

Workforce Plan developed by the end of 2019

Financial Strategy endorsed by mid-2020


Governance Improvement Plan endorsed by the end of 2019

Digital strategy

Digital Strategy endorsed by mid-2020

Last reviewed: 
21 August 2019