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We are a small policy agency within the portfolio of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Our purpose is to position the APS workforce for the future. We aim to continuously improve people management, manager capability and professional development across the APS. Our statutory responsibilities and commitment to change provides the opportunity to work on exciting and engaging projects and programs whilst supporting our internal priorities.

Strategic priorities

In line with our statutory responsibilities we promote 4 key priorities within our corporate plan for 2017-2018. These priorities enable us to position the APS workforce for the future and are aimed at creating a more flexible and agile workforce. Whilst these priorities are externally facing and drive the delivery of our work, we embed these priorities internally.

Our priorities

Modernise the Employment Framework:

  • Modernise the Employment Framework
  • Develop and implement workplace relations policies to support the workforce of the future
  • Implement changes to the employment framework to reflect the future of work
  • Promote contemporary termination practices

Shaping the APS workforce

  • Drive the strategic workforce
  • Embed talent management
  • Build diversity and promote inclusive workplaces
  • Improve recruitment outcomes
  • Foster contemporary approaches to work
  • Promote modern approaches to performance and attendance management

Building workforce capability

  • Grow and support future leaders
  • Transform middle management capability
  • Strengthen digital and data capability
  • Build human resource and workplace relations capability

Promoting integrity

  • Evaluate agency approaches to embedding the APS values
  • Ensure approaches to integrity issues align with future workplace arrangements

Our internal focus

We are committed to a culture of excellence and innovation. We will continue to foster creative thinking and enable innovative approaches to work. You will have access to contemporary human resource practices and policies that mirror best practices and provide you the opportunity to work at your full potential. We are focused on harnessing a more flexible approach to project management that provides appropriate resources in delivering high quality outputs. We contribute ideas and manage cross-agency programs that look to improve the overall operation of the APS. Your ability to challenge the status quo and utilise creativity in problem solving will be valued and highly regarded within our organisation. We embrace risk and encourage you to think strategically in developing solutions or advice. Thinking ahead and collaborating will position us to overcome challenges more effectively and improve the delivery of our outcomes.

Last reviewed: 
8 August 2019